Policy Options in Belgium to Support Biofuels Towards the 2020 Target of 10% Renewable Energy in Transport

L. Pelkmans, L. Gorissen, I. De Vlieger, J.-M. Jossart, L. Mertens, L. Turcksin, C. Macharis, F. Boureima, J. Van Mierlo, S. Bram & J. De Ruyck
Current Belgian legislation on biofuels is focused on the general introduction of low blends of biodiesel with diesel and bio-ethanol with gasoline through a tax reduction system for a specific producer quota. As the system was not working properly, from mid 2009 the Belgian government introduced an obligation system to blend at least 4% by volume biodiesel with diesel, and at least 4% by volume bio-ethanol with gasoline. Despite all actions it is clear though...
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