Soil Remediation with Energy Crops - A Renewable Energy Solution for Heavy Metal Contaminated Soils

R. Guisson, L. Van Ginneken, S. Vanslycken, E. Meers, F. Tack, A. Ruttens, N. Witters, T. Thewys, J. Vangronsveld, K. Adriaensen, S. De Schepper, E. Beeckman, J. Smis, A. Peene, J. Kegels, H. Fastenaekels & W. Dejonghe
In June 2007, a project started in Flanders (Belgium) in which phytoremediation will be applied to clean soils that are diffusely polluted with heavy metals. Uptake ranges of heavy metals by rape seed, maize and wheat will be enhanced by increasing the bioavailability of these heavy metals by the addition of biodegradable physico-chemical agents and by stimulating the heavy-metal uptake capacity of the microbial community in and around the plant. In addition, the harvested biomass...
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