Non-food Crops to Industry Schemes for a European Bio-based Industry and Sustainable Agriculture

E. Alexopoulou, M. Christou, U. Fritsche, E. Papadopoulou, A. Monti, L. Nissen, U. Schurr, E. Schmid, I. Alatsidis, R. Stefanidou, C. Panoutsou, K. Heller, P. Baraniecki, D. Milioni, T. Margaritopoulou, V. Zucchini, A. Grigore, X. Pages, C. Alfos & M. Reiders
The concept of using plants as non­food crop feedstock is not new, but, despite considerable investment in research and development, their diverse potential has not yet been fully evaluated and reached commercial levels. By September 2009, a European Network started, entitled “Non­food Crops to industry schemes in EU27”, aiming to identify whether and under which terms Europe has the potential and the technical competence to develop a competitive bio­industry fed by a sustainable agriculture.