Microalgal Biomass in Anaerobic Digestion: Effects of Pretreatment and Different Storage Methods

M. Gruber, J. Jerney, E. Zohar, M. Nussbaumer, C. Hieger, G. Bochmann, M. Schagerl, J. P. Obbard, W. Fuchs & B. Drosg
Anaerobic digestion of microalgal biomass is one option for sustainable energy production. Therefore, several microalgae i.e. Chlorella vulgaris, C. emersonii and Acutodesmus obliquus were produced in a sleevebag photobioreactor system (maximum volume 800 L) and investigated in so-called biochemical methane potential tests (BMP). Different pre-treatments were selected in order to enhance methane (CH4) yields. A. obliquus was selected to screen for effective pretreatment methods: a combined milling and enzyme approach (+57%), ultrasonication (+53%) and milling...
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