Revealing Bioenergy Potentials: Mapping Marginal Lands in Europe - The Seemla Approach

S. Galatsidas, N. Gounaris, D. Vlachaki, E. Dimitriadis, F. Kiourtsis, D. Keramitzis, W. Gerwin, F. Repmann, N. Rettenmaier, G. Reinhardt, V. Ivanina, O. Hanzhenko, I. Gnap, K. Bogatov, F. Barbera, D. Mattioli, C. Volkmann & W. Baumgarten
Marginal land use for biomass production has received a lot of attention in the past decades. This alternative land use is free from conflicts with food and feed crops, however it presents multiple challenges starting from its definition, which varies between disciplines and is often determined based on management goals. Moreover, concerns over the impacts of marginal land use on environment, ecosystem services and sustainability are frequently raised. In response to these issues, the SEEMLA...
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