B1.2 - HYPER-IMS: A Fully Implantable Blood Pressure Sensor for Hypertensive Patients

M. Graefe, Thorsten Goettsche, Peter Osypka, Michale Goertz, Khiem Trieu, Holger Fassbender, Wilfried Mokwa, U. Urban, T. Schmitz-Rode, T. Hilbel, R. Becker, B. Bender, W. Coenen, M. Faehnle & Raymond Glocker
Hypertension and heart failures were and are increasingly two of the main diseases of modern population. As a powerful tool for long-term post surgical evaluation of heart pressure, body temperature and pulse rate, a telemetric controlled sensor-implant without battery is currently developed and evaluated in the course of preclinical in-vivo experiments.