P1NM.14 - Percolating metallic structures templated on laser - deposited carbon nanofoams derived from graphene oxide: Applications in humidity sensing

S. Nufer, A. B. Dalton, J. P. Salvage, A. Shmeliov & A. Brunton
Carbon nanofoam (CNF) is a low-density, high-surface-area material formed by aggregation of amorphous carbon nanoparticles into porous nanostructures. We report the use of a pulsed infrared laser to prepare CNF from a graphene oxide (GO) target material. Electron microscopy shows that the films consist of dendritic strings which form web-like three-dimensional structures. The conductivity of these structures can be modified by using the CNF as a nanostructured scaffold for gold nanoparticles deposited by sputter coating,...
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