I1.1 - High performance PZT based pyro-detectors with D* of 2x10E9 cmHzE½/W for presence, gas and spectroscopy applications

C. Giebeler, J. Wright, S. Freeborn, N. Conway, T. Chamberlain, P. Clark, M. Schreiter, D. Pitzer & R. Koehler
A platform technology for low and high resolution infrared detectors has been developed. The technology is based on sputtered self-polarised lead-zirconium-titanate (PZT) films with typical film thicknesses of 20~1000 nm. These detectors are especially suited to detect radiation in the mid to far infrared wavelength range from 3-15 µm. The manufacturing process for PZT based infrared detectors is compatible with standard semiconductor/MEMS process technology which allows the easy customisabon of sensor elements and results on...
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