O3.2 - Detection of Aromatic/Aliphatic Hydrocarbons and Amines by Laser-Ion Mobility Spectrometry (LIMS)

C. Oberhuettinger, A. Langmeier, H. Oberpriller, M. Kessler, J. Goebel & G. Mueller
Trace detection of hydrocarbons has been investigated using a laser ion mobility spectrometer (LIMS). The LIMS instrument used employs resonant two-photon ionization as a mechanism for the generation of analyte gas ions. We find that LIMS easily ionizes aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons with conjugated and delocalized C-C double bond systems. Another class of organic compounds that could be successfully detected was amines. These latter substances contain double-occupied lone pair electrons localized on basic N atoms....
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