Characterisation of salt combinations found at the ‘Silk Tomb’ (Petra, Jordan) and their possible source

M. Gomez-Heras, P. Lopez-Arce, F. Bala'awi, C. Vazquez-Calvo, R. Fort, F. Ishakat, M. Alvarez De Buergo & F. Allawneh
This paper presents the characterisation of salts found at the so-called ‘Silk Tomb’ one of thebuildings that form part of the Royal Tombs assemblage at the Nabatean city of Petra (Jordan),with the purpose of creating a specific data base of salts for this tomb that will allow the use ofportable non-destructive analytical techniques on it. The survey of efflorescences andsubefflorescences in this building revealed the presence of a wide variety of salts such as halite(NaCl),...
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