Production of the LHCb Silicon Tracker Readout Electronics

Nigel Smale, Daniel Esperante, Helge Voss, S Löchner, Frank Lehner, Minh Tâm Tran, Johan Blouw, Ralf Patrick Bernhard, Jeroen Van Hunen, K T Knöpfle, Michaela Agari, Olaf Steinkamp, Dmytro Volyanskyy, Aurelio Bay, Ulrich Straumann, S Jimenez-Otero, Achim Vollhardt, Roland Bernet, Bernardo Adeva, Andreas Wenger, Bernhard Schwingenheuer, Benjamin Carron, Michael Schmelling, S Köstner, Johannes Gassner … & Cristina Lois
We give an overview on the status of production of the LHCb Silicon Tracker Electronics. Lessons learned together with industry in the preseries production of the Silicon Tracker Digitizer Boards were integrated into the design to optimize the production and assembly yield for the main batch of 700 Digitizer Boards. A report on the preseries readout module performance and on the testing procedures for the full production lot is given. In addition, a final proton...
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