HARDROC, Readout chip of the Digital Hadronic Calorimeter of ILC

S Callier, N Martin-Chassard, N Seguin-Moreau, F Dulucq & C De La Taille
HARDROC (HAdronic Rpc Detector ReadOut Chip) [1] is the very front end chip designed for the readout of the RPC or Micromegas foreseen for the Digital HAdronic CALorimeter (DHCAL) of the future International Linear Collider. The very fine granularity of the ILC hadronic calorimeters (1cm2 pads) implies a huge number of electronics channels (4 105 /m3) which is a new feature of “imaging” calorimetry. Moreover, for compactness, the chips must be embedded inside the detector...
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