Youth Cohort Study of England and Wales, 1994-1996; Cohort Seven, Sweep One and Two

G. Courtenay
<i>Sweep One</i><br> The questionnaire for Sweep One included the following information:<ul><li>attitude towards school in years 10 and 11</li><li> year 10 and 11 (4th and 5th year) subjects and exams</li><li>education and career advice</li><li>activities in the past year (unemployment, youth training (YT), employment, education)</li><li>training</li><li> training credits, and part-time courses and employment</li><li>qualifications</li><li> family, plans and views on the future</li><li>classificatory variables include gender, school type, region and ethnicity</li></ul><i>Sweep Two</i><br> The questionnaire for Sweep Two included the following information:<ul><li>activities since...
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