Digital Library of Historical Directories, 1750-1919: Cornwall and Devon, 1783-1902

E. Cornell
This data collection includes the following directories:<br><br>- Bailey's&nbsp; Western&nbsp; and&nbsp; Midland&nbsp; Directory;&nbsp; or&nbsp; Merchant's&nbsp; and&nbsp; Tradesman's&nbsp; Useful&nbsp; Companion,&nbsp; for&nbsp; the&nbsp; year,&nbsp; 1783.&nbsp; Containing&nbsp; an&nbsp; alphabetical&nbsp; list&nbsp; of&nbsp; the&nbsp; names&nbsp; and&nbsp; places&nbsp; of&nbsp; abode,&nbsp; of&nbsp; the bankers, merchants, manufacturers, gentlemen of the law and physic, and other eminent traders ... [Cornwall section only] (1783)<br><br>- Pigot's&nbsp; Directory&nbsp; of&nbsp; Cornwall&nbsp; (1830)<br><br>- The&nbsp; Exeter&nbsp; Journal&nbsp; and&nbsp; Almanack&nbsp; for&nbsp; 1850&nbsp; ...&nbsp; containing&nbsp; all&nbsp; the&nbsp; most&nbsp; useful&nbsp; county&nbsp; and&nbsp; local&nbsp; information&nbsp;...
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