AI3SD Video: Translating innovations out of the lab and into the clinic: the importance of data curation, AI and ML?

Jennifer R. Hiscock & Thomas Allam
Our novel patented (European Patent Application No. 18743767.8, U.S. Patent Application No. 16/632,194), Supramolecular Self-associating Amphiphile (SSA) platform technology currently contains a library of ≈120 molecules (Figure 1), invented by J. Hiscock in 2016, has since been developed by an international, transdisciplinary team of ≈50 academic/industrial/governmental scientists, social scientists and clinicians. To date this molecular technology has been shown to:

1.act as broad-spectrum antimicrobials;1-6
2. increase the efficacy of other antibiotic/antiseptic agents and anticancer agents against bacteria7...
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