Figure 3 In Coeliccia Rolandorum Sp. Nov. From Eastern Cambodia And Southern Vietnam, The Eastern Relative Of C. Kazukoae Asahina, 1984 (Odonata: Platycnemididae)

Oleg E. Kosterin & Tom Kompier
FIGURE 3. Submature males of Coeliccia kazukoae from Cambodia at the stages of maturity intermediate between those desCribed as C. kazukoae (immature) and C. megumii (mature), in nature (left) and ColleCtion (heads; right), of whiCh (b) is the less and (a) the more mature Condition; a—Koh Kong ProVinCe, Koh Por Waterfalls, 13 iV 2010; b—Koh Kong ProVinCe, a dry temporary ' OCulata brook' Valley at Phum Doung Bridge, 18 iV 2010; C—Kampong Saom ProVinCe, Ream...
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