Figure 5 In Coeliccia Rolandorum Sp. Nov. From Eastern Cambodia And Southern Vietnam, The Eastern Relative Of C. Kazukoae Asahina, 1984 (Odonata: Platycnemididae)

Oleg E. Kosterin & Tom Kompier
FIGURE 5. Comparison of male CharaCters of Coeliccia rolandorum (a – e; a, C – e—holotype; b—a paratype from Seima Forest) and C. kazukoae (f – j; f, h—submature male, with stripes along mesostigmal sutures still Visible, from Cambodia, ' Rhinagrion brook', 2 xii 2010; g, i – j—mature male from Cambodia, Koh Por Waterfall, 1 xii 2010). a – b, f – g—head and thorax, lateral View; C, h—head, dorsal View; d, i—prothorax, lateral...
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