FIGURE 125. Glenognatha minuta. A–C, female genitalia. A in Revision and phylogenetic analysis of the orb-weaving spider genus Glenognatha Simon, 1887 (Araneae, Tetragnathidae)

Jimmy Cabra-García & Antonio D. Brescovit
FIGURE 125. Glenognatha minuta. A–C, female genitalia. A, dorsal (arrow, uterus externus median projection). B, ventral. C, lateral (arrow, uterus externus median projection). D, spermathecae. E–G, female tracheal system. E, dorsal. F, median and lateral trunks. G, tracheal spiracle, posterior view. H, male left pap ventroretrolateral. I–J, embolus and conductor. I, ventroretrolateral. J, dorsal. K, paracymbium. Scale bars, 100 (A–C, E, H, K), 20 (F–G, I–J), 10 (D). C: conductor. CD: copulatory duct. CRa: conductor...
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