Antioxidant Capacity And Total Phenolic Content Of Aqueous Acetone And Ethanol Extract Of Edible Parts Of Moringa Oleifera And Sesbania Grandiflora

, Arumugam Abirami, & Marimuthu Sangeethapriya
Aqueous ethanol and aqueous acetone extracts of
Moringa oleifera (outer pericarp of immature fruit and flower) and
Sesbania grandiflora white variety (flower and leaf) were examined
for radical scavenging capacities and antioxidant activities. Ethanol
extract of S. grandiflora (flower and leaf) and acetone extract of M.
oleifera (outer pericarp of immature fruit and flower) contained
relatively higher levels of total dietary phenolics than the other
extracts. The antioxidant potential of the extracts were assessed by
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