Figure 9 In An Illustrated Catalogue Of The New Zealand Marsh Beetles (Coleoptera: Scirtidae)

Agata Kiałka & Rafał Ruta
FIGURE 9. Primary type specimens of New Zealand Scirtidae. A) Lectotype, Contacyphon aethiops (Broun, 1886); B) Holotype, Contacyphon amplus (Broun, 1880); C) Holotype, Contacyphon arduus (Sharp, 1878); D) Lectotype, Contacyphon brouni (Pic, 1913); E) Holotype, Contacyphon burrowsi (Broun, 1915); F) Holotype, Contacyphon cincticollis (Broun, 1915); G) Lectotype, Contacyphon deterius (Broun, 1914); H) Holotype, Contacyphon dilutus (Broun, 1886); I) Lectotype, Contacyphon discedens (Broun, 1893); J) Holotype, Contacyphon fuscifrons (Broun, 1893); K) Lectotype, Contacyphon genalis (Sharp, 1878);...
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