Figure1 In Apheloria Polychroma, A New Species Of Millipede From The Cumberland Mountains (Polydesmida: Xystodesmidae)

Paul E. Marek, Jackson C. Means & Derek A. Hennen
FIGURE1. Population phylogeny of Apheloria polychroma n. sp. Colored circles denotecolor morphs.Legend (bottomright) illustrates the millipede's ninth body ring for each color morph. Tree rooted with Apheloria tigana Chamberlin, 1939 and Apheloria montana (Bollman, 1887) (their branches omitted). Scale bar: 0.2 expected substitutions per site. Asterisks indicate posterior probability ≥ 0.95. Inset, Apheloria species tree from Means and Marek (2017).
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