Brain Journal-Annsvm: A Novel Method For Graph-Type Classification By Utilization Of Fourier Transformation, Wavelet Transformation, And Hough Transformation-Figure 9. Illustration Of Three Different Wavelets With Three Waves That Have High Amplitude Values, As Indicated By The Dashed Red Circles

& Masaomi Kimura
The mother wavelet of Coiflet 5 contained triple-high oscillation amplitude (i.e., Figure 9a). We considered that this mother wavelet was inappropriate for our data because overall our data possibly contained only a few matches with the mother wavelet of Coiflet 5. Moreover, the Symlet 10 (i.e., Figure 9b) and 20 (i.e., Figure 9c) also provided supportive results that were lower than others in ANNSVM_WLHT because their mother wavelets also had a similar shape as that...
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