Ow939 Zgis113[P(Dat-1)::Alpha-Synuclein::Yfp] | 2014-03-09T10:34:04+01:00

Celine N. Martineau & Ellen A. A. Nollen
This experiment is part of the C.elegans behavioural database. For more information and the complete collection of experiments visit http://movement.openworm.org preview link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gxPtCU1WKo strain : OW939 timestamp : 2014-03-09T10:34:04+01:00 strain_description : zgIs113[P(dat-1)::alpha-Synuclein::YFP] sex : hermaphrodite stage : adult ventral_side : clockwise media : NGM agar low peptone arena : style : petri size : 35 orientation : away food : OP50 who : Celine N. Martineau, Bora Baskaner protocol : Method in E. Yemini...
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