Assessment Of Some Physicochemical Parameters And Heavy Metals In Ground Water From Sandy Areas Of Argungu Emirate, Kebbi State, Nigeria

A.K. Aliyu, , K.J. Umar, S.A. Isa &
Some physicochemical parameters and heavy metals contents of some water were obtained from four Local Government Headquarters of Argungu Emirate of Kebbi State Nigeria. Spectrometry, colorimetry, complexometry, gravimetry and titrimetry were the main methods applied. Results of the parameters obtained ranged as: temperature (29.83-32.530C), conductivity (17.07-515 µScm-1), total suspended soil, (TSS) (0.00-2500 mg/l), total dissolved solids (TDS) (80.33-670 mg/l), turbidity (0.00-1.90 NTU), chloride (Cl-) (0.002-0.07 mg/l), nitrate (NO3-) (0.04-6.41 mg/l), nitrite (NO2-) (0.01-0.08 mg/l), total...
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