Genome-Wide Association Study In 176,678 Europeans Reveals Genetic Loci For Tanning Response To Sun Exposure (Supplementary Data)

Alessia Visconti, David L Duffy, Fan Liu, Gu Zhu, Wenting Wu, Yan Cheng, Pirro G Hysi, Changqing Zeng, Marianna Sanna, Mark M Iles, Peter A Kanetsky, Florence Demenais, Merel A Hamer, Andre G Uitterlinden, M Arfan Ikram, Tamar Nijsten, Nicholas G Martin, Manfred Kayser, Tim D Spector, Jiali Han, Veronique Bataille & Mario Falchi
Supplementary Data for the manuscript entitled "Genome-wide association study in 176,678 Europeans reveals genetic loci for tanning response to sun exposure", Visconti et al. The association summary statistics for the 10,834 genome-wide significant SNPs are provided as Supplementary Data 1. Genomic coordinates are reported in GRCh37.p13. The association summary statistics for the SNPs associated in the UKBB non-melanoma skin cancer GWAS (P < 1x10-5) are provided as Supplementary Data 2. Genomic coordinates are reported in...
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