Description Of The Probabilistic Wind Atlas Methodology

Andrea N. Hahmann, Björn Witha, Daran Rife, Nikolaos Frouzakis, Constantin Junk, Tija Sile, Magnus Baltscheffsky, Martin Dörenkämper, Yasemin Ezber, Elena García Bustamante, Fidel González-Rouco, Sibel Mentes, Jorge Navarro, Stefan Söderberg & Yurdanur Unal
A new ensemble method is explored for estimating the uncertainty of the wind resource within Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model simulations. The output of the ensemble simulations is processed to create a "map" showing the uncertainty in the wind resource estimate at each geographic location. This new method is demonstrated by performing a collection of 9 different WRF model simulations using combinations of 3 planetary boundary layer schemes, 2 simulation re-initialization strategies, and 2...
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