209Bi Quadrupole Relaxation Enhancement In Solids As A Step Towards New Contrast Mechanisms In Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Kruk Danuta, Umut Evrim, Elzbieta Masiewicz, Carina Sampl, Roland Fischer, Stefan Spirk, Christian Gösweiner & Hermann Scharfetter
Motivated by the possibility of exploiting species containing high spin quantum number
nuclei (referred to as quadrupole nuclei) as novel contrast agents for Magnetic Resonance
Imaging, based on Quadrupole Relaxation Enhancement (QRE) effects, 1H spin-lattice
relaxation has been investigated for tris(2-methoxyphenyl)bismuthane and tris(2,6-
dimethoxyphenyl)bismuthane in powder. The relaxation experiment has been performed in
the magnetic field range of 0.5 T to 3 T (the upper limit corresponds to the field used in many
medical scanners)....
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