Figure 1. Fergusobia Janetae N In Nematodes From Galls On Myrtaceae. Xi. Descriptions Of Five New Species Of Fergusobia From Australia

Kerrie A. Davies, Weimin Ye, Gary S. Taylor, Sonja Scheffer, F. Bartholomaeus & Robin M. Giblin-Davis
FIGURE 1. Fergusobia janetae n. sp. ex E. marginata (all in lateral view): A, Entire parthenogenetic female; B, Anterior end of parthenogenetic female; C, Entire infective female; D, Entire male; E, Drawing of SEM of anterior end of parthenogenetic female; F, Habitus of parthenogenetic female; G; Tails of parthenogenetic female; H, Anterior end of male; I, Habitus of male; J, Tails of males; K, Lateral lines; L, Spicules. Scale bars: A, C, D = 50...
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