Figure2 In Nematodes From Galls On Myrtaceae. Xi. Descriptions Of Five New Species Of Fergusobia From Australia

Kerrie A. Davies, Weimin Ye, Gary S. Taylor, Sonja Scheffer, F. Bartholomaeus & Robin M. Giblin-Davis
FIGURE2. Fergusobia robustaen. sp.ex E.robusta(all inlateral view): A,Entire parthenogenetic female;B, Entireinfective female;C, Entire male; D, Anteriorend of parthenogeneticfemale; E, Anteriorend of infectivefemale; F, Anteriorend ofmale; G; Habitus of parthenogenetic female; H, Habitus of infectivefemales; I, Lateral lines (drawn from SEM); J,Tails of males; K, Tailsof parthenogeneticfemale;L,Tails of infectivefemales; M, Habitus ofmales; N,spicules.Scalebars:A,B, C= 50 µm; D, E, F = 10 µm; N = 5 µm; I = 2 µm.Tails not drawn to scale.
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