Aidasoft/Dd4Hep: V01-07

MarkusFrankATcernch, Frank Gaede, Marko Petric, Andre Sailer, Christian Grefe, Pere Mato, Shaojun Lu, Christoph Rosemann, Daniel Jeans, Eté Rémi, David Blyth, Joschka Lingemann, Voutsi, Thorben Quast, Simoniel, Vvolkl, Jan Strube, Dan Protopopescu, Peterkostka, Javier Cervantes, Ercan Pilicer, Chris Burr & Bcouturi
v01-07 2018-03-26 Javier Cervantes Villanueva (PR#343) Fix bug in calculating eta, introduced in #138 use magFromXYZ instead of radiusFromXYZ to calculate pseudorapidity 2018-03-19 Marko Petric (PR#338) Include fixes from Chris Burr for the alignments calculator. Add a small study for the LHCb upgrade defining reasonable detector element conditions for the Velo pixel detector using the DDCond derived condition mechanism. To be done: somehow get an example for this mechanism, which works outside Gaudi. 2018-03-23 Markus...
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