Camdavidsonpilon/Lifelines: V0.14.1

Cameron Davidson-Pilon, Jonas Kalderstam, Ben Kuhn, Andrew Fiore-Gartland, Luis Moneda, Paul Zivich, Alex Parij, Kyle Stark, Steven Anton, Lilian Besson, Jona , Harsh Gadgil, Dave Golland, Sean Hussey, Javad Noorbakhsh, Andreas Klintberg, Nick Furlotte, Nick Evans, Matt Braymer-Hayes, Lukasz, Jonathan Séguin, Jeff Rose, Isaac Slavitt, Eric Martin, Eduardo Ochoa … & André F. Rendeiro
0.14.1 fixed bug with using weights and strata in CoxPHFitter fixed bug in using non-integer weights in KaplanMeierFitter Performance optimizations in CoxPHFitter for up to 40% faster completion of fit. even smarter step_size calculations for iterative optimizations. simple code optimizations & cleanup in specific hot spots. Performance optimizations in AalenAdditiveFitter for up to 50% faster completion of fit for large dataframes, and up to 10% faster for small dataframes.
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