korpling/ANNIS: 4.0.0-beta.1

Thomas Krause, Weißenfels Benjamin, R. Tom, IrinaGlushanok, Martin Klotz, SHUO ZHANG, Luke Gessler, Amir Zeldes, Fab-Bar, Stephan Druskat, Adrianeboyd, Egon W. Stemle, Thomas N, Lari Lampen & Florian Petran
This beta pre-release is a complete overhaul of the ANNIS service backend. Instead of using the relational database PostgreSQL, a custom AQL implementation based on graph called graphANNIS is used. ANNIS 4 currently only supports a sub-set of the ANNIS Query Langugage (AQL) compared to ANNIS 3. Full support is planned, but some backward-compatible features of AQL will only be available in a compatibility mode. See the chapter "Differences in Compatibility Mode" of the User...
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