Binary black-hole surrogate waveform catalog

Scott E. Field, Chad R. Galley, Jan S. Hesthaven, Jason Kaye, Manuel Tiglio, Jonathan Blackman, Béla Szilágyi, Mark A. Scheel, Daniel A. Hemberger, Patricia Schmidt, Rory Smith, Christian D. Ott, Michael Boyle, Lawrence E. Kidder, Harald P. Pfeiffer & Vijay Varma
This repository contains all publicly available numerical relativity surrogate data for waveforms produced by the Spectral Einstein Code. The base method for building surrogate models can be found in Field et al., PRX 4, 031006 (2014). Several numerical relativity surrogate models are currently available in this catalog: Current models NRSur7dq4.h5 — This is a surrogate model for binary black hole mergers with generic spins and mass ratios up to 4. A paper describing it can...
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