FIGURE 39 in A revision of the Neotropical spider genus Nops MacLeay (Araneae: Caponiidae) with the first phylogenetic hypothesis for the Nopinae genera

Alexander Sánchez-Ruiz & Antonio D. Brescovit
FIGURE 39. Nops largus Chickering, male (MCZ 128565). A left leg II, prolateral view. B left tarsus II, prolateral view. C left pretarsal claws II, ventral oblique view. D left leg III, prolateral oblique view. E left pretarsal claws III, dorsal view. F slit sensilla on left tarsus III, dorsal oblique view. G left leg IV, prolateral oblique view. H left tarsus IV, prolateral view. I left pretarsal claws IV, dorsal view. J base of...
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