Transformations Of Respiratory Epitelium In Fibrous Stage Of Acute Respiratory Distress-Syndrome = Трансформация Респираторного Эпителия В Фазу Фиброза Острого Респираторного Дистресс-Синдрома

Nikolay Novikov, Valery Tumansky & Vasiliy Fedotov
Novikov Nikolay, Tumansky Valery, Fedotov Vasiliy. transformations of respiratory epitelium in fibrous stage of acute respiratory distress-syndrome = Трансформация респираторного эпителия в фазу фиброза острого респираторного дистресс-синдрома. Journal of Health Sciences. 2014;4(14):117-120. ISSN 1429-9623 / 2300-665X. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.13322 The journal has had 5 points in Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland parametric evaluation. Part B item 1107. (17.12.2013). © The Author (s) 2014; This article is published with open...
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