HypothesisWorks/hypothesis: Hypothesis for Python - version 4.36.1

David R. MacIver, Zac Hatfield-Dodds, Pyup.Io Bot, Alex Chan, Stuart Cook, David Chudzicki, Ryan Soklaski, Jwg4, Alex Willmer, Tyler , Kyle Reeve, Mulkieran, Christopher Armstrong, Tyler Gibbons, Jeremy Thurgood, Paul Stiverson, Grigorios Giannakopoulos, Emmanuel Leblond, SuperStormer, Alexander Shorin, Tom Prince, Mathieu PATUREL, Tom McDermott, Rdturnermtl, Graham Williamson … & Jochen Müller
This patch fixes a bug in strategy inference for attrs classes where Hypothesis would fail to infer a strategy for attributes of a generic type such as "Union[int, str]" or "List[bool]" (issue #2091). Thanks to Jonathan Gayvallet for the bug report and this patch! The canonical version of these notes (with links) is on readthedocs.
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