FIGURES 97–102 in Revision of the genus Lamprima Latreille, 1804 (Coleoptera: Lucanidae)

Chris A.M. Reid, Kindi Smith & Max Beatson
FIGURES 97–102. Habitus photographs of Lamprima Latreille, 1804, type material in Australian collections: 97, L. krefftii W.J. MacLeay, 1871, holotype; 98, L. latreillii W.S. MacLeay, 1819, lectotype; 99, L. latreillii W.S. Macleay, paralectotype; 100, L. latreillii sericea W.J. Macleay, 1885, lectotype; 101, L. latreillii sericea W.J. Macleay, paralectotype; 102, L. mandibularis W.J. Macleay, 1885, lectotype. Figures 98–102 courtesy of Cate Lemann, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, 2017. All images to same scale.
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