Revised Line-Strengths And Peak-Positions For Cis-Hono At 1660 Cm^-1 Using A New Cw-Qc Tildas

Ben H. Lee, Ezra C. Wood, Mark S. Zahniser, J. Barry McManus, David D. Nelson, Scott C. Herndon, Joanne H. Shorter, Joda C. Wormhoudt, Steven C. Wofsy & J. William Munger
Nitrous acid, HONO, is a significant source of atmospheric HOx and the production of HONO may be responsible for the recycling of deposited NOy back into the atmosphere in active form. Many current techniques rely on wet-chemical extractive methods, but are potentially prone to interferences and have not always shown good agreement with optical techniques1. Spectroscopy offers an alternative method with greater specificity, however, the rotational-vibrational transitions of HONO in the mid-infrared region are not...
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