N2 Collisional Broadening Of Methane In The Thz Region Measured At The Soleil Synchrotron

V. Boudon, T. Gabard, O. Pirali, P. Roy, J.-B. Brubach, L. Manceron & J. Vander Auwerad
Recently, we recorded the THz centrifugal distortion-induced spectrum of methane using synchrotron radiation at the SOLEIL facility. Intensities of pure rotation lines of CH4 were precisely measured, from which the induced dipole moment of this weak spectrum, of great interest for planetology, was accurately inferred. This study should in particular help to measure methane concentrations in Titan’s atmosphere. Here, we continue the work by presenting spectra of CH4/N2 mixtures, again recorded with a 150 m...
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