FIGURES 22–25 in The wolf spider species from Peru and Bolivia described by Embrik Strand in 1908 (Araneae: Lycosidae: Lycosinae, Sosippinae, Allocosinae)

Antonio D. Brescovit & Éder S. S. Álvares
FIGURES 22–25. Allocosa yurae (Strand) comb. nov., immature from Yura and male from Chiguata, Peru. 22. Immature holotype, body, dorsal view; 23. Male, body, dorsal view; 24. Left palp, ventral view; 25. Left palp, retrolateral view. Abbreviations: MA, median apophysis; TA, terminal apophysis. Scale lines for figures 22–23 = 2 mm; 24–25 = 0.5 mm.
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