Figure 7 In Revision Of The Neotropical Subgenera Coelioxys (Platycoelioxys) Mitchell And C. (Rhinocoelioxys) Mitchell (Hymenoptera; Megachilidae) With The Description Of One New Species

Léo Correia Da Rocha Filho & Laurence Packer
FIGURE 7. Coelioxys nasidens. Female (A–C): A. Lateral view, B. Frontal view of head, C. Lateral view of T6 and S6. Male (D–I): D. Lateral view, E. Lateral view of head and mesosoma, F. Dorsal view of mesoscutum and mesoscutellum, G. Dorsal view of T2 and T3, H. Dorsal view of T5 and T6, I. Ventral view of S4 and S5. (Scale bar = 1.5mm).
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