Figure 10. A 3 D In A New Troglobitic Species Of The Genus Pholeuonopsis (Coleoptera: Leiodidae: Cholevinae: Leptodirini) From Western Serbia, With A Key To The Species From Serbia

Srećko Ćurčić, Maja Vrbica, Nikola Vesović, Dragan Antić, Matija Petković, Fabrizio Bosco & Božidar Ćurčić
FIGURE 10. A 3 D view of the Cave by the Užice-Mt. Tara road, village of Šljivovica, near Čajetina, Mt. Zlatibor, western Serbia. The red circles indicate places where the specimens of the new species were found, while the black arrow represents the entrance of the cave.
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