Figure 3 In Description Of The Final Stadium Larvae Of Onychargia Atrocyana Selys, 1865 From Sarawak, Identified Using Dna Barcoding (Odonata: Zygoptera: Platycnemididae), With An Overview Of Larval Characters In The Platycnemididae

Albert G. Orr & Rory A. Dow
FIGURE 3. Anterior details of Onychargia atrocyana: (a) dorsal detail head; (b) ventral detail head and anterior thoracic segments; (c) ventral detail posterior margin of head and supracoxal spurs; (d) detail of antenna; (e) mandibles ventral view; (f) right maxilla ventral view; (g) labial mask dorsal view; (h) detail labial palp in dorsolateral view.
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