Figures 34–35 In Towards Understanding Lepidocyrtus Bourlet, 1839 (Collembola, Entomobryidae) I: Diagnosis Of The Subgenus Setogaster, New Records And Redescriptions Of Species

Eduardo Mateos & Penelope Greenslade
FIGURES 34–35. Lepidocyrtus (Setogaster) praecisus. 34, abd.IV complete chaetotaxy, broad black circles—broad ciliated macrochaetae, small black circles—thin ciliated macrochaetae, open circles— mesochaetae, triangles—fan-shaped chaetae, S—long S-chaetae, as and ps—short S-chaetae, x—bothriotricha, #—pseudoporus, chaetae morphology as Fig. 25b; 35, third leg apex with unguis and unguiculus.
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