Figures 1–7 In A Taxonomic Review Of The Genus Dolichomitus Smith (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Pimplinae) From South Korea With Descriptions Of Two New Species

Jin-Kyung Choi, Janko Kolarov, Jong-Chul Jeong & Jong-Wook Lee
FIGURES 1–7. Dolichomitus excavatus Zwakhals, (1) Habitus in lateral view, (2) Habitus in dorsal view, (3) Head in frontal view, (4) Head in lateral view, (5) Tarsal claw, (6) Mesosoma in lateral view, (7) Head and mesoscutum in dorsal view. Scale bars (1,2): 2 mm, (6,7): 0.5 mm, (3,4): 0.2 mm, (5): 0.1 mm.
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