Figure 2 In New Species Of Pisionidens (Sigalionidae, Annelida) From Akumal, México

H. Cecilie B. Petersen, Brett C. Gonzalez, Alejandro Martínez & Katrine Worsaae
FIGURE 2. SEM images of Pisionidens ixazaluohae n. sp. (A) Anterior end with pharynx, appendages, and first segments; dorsal view. (B) Anterior end with details of pharynx; anterior view. (C) Anterior body-segments; lateral view. (D) Details of parapodia and cirri; lateral view. (E) Midbody segments of male with ventral pores and copulatory organ. (F) Posterior segments and pygidium with pygidial cirri; ventral view. (G) Midbody segments with copulatory organs; ventral view. (H) Details of male...
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