Figures 7–14 In The Identity Of The Brachyplatys Species Recently Introduced To Panama, With A Review Of Bionomics (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Plataspidae)

Dávid Rédei
FIGURES 7–14. Brachyplatys subaeneus (Westwood, 1837). Fig. 7, left half of abdominal venter of male; Fig. 8, same of female; Fig. 9, genital capsule, posterior view (left paramere removed); Fig. 10, same, posteroventral view (pilosity omitted); Fig. 11, same, lateral view, with outline of phallus; Fig. 12–14, left paramere, three different aspects. Abbreviations: at = anal tube; cs = cuplike sclerite; dif = dorsal infolding of genital capsule; lp = left paramere; rp = right...
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