Figure 2 In A New Species Of Apterichtus (Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae) From The Marquesas Islands

Yusuke Hibino & Seishi Kimura
FIGURE 2. Sensory pores on head (a), teeth on upper jaw and palatal area (b), and those of mandible (c) of Apterichtus succinus sp. nov., holotype, USNM 409323. IMT, intermaxillary teeth; IO, infraorbital pores; LL, lateral-line pores; MD, mandibular pores; PO, preopercular pores; SO, supraorbital pores; ST, supratemporal pores; UJT, upper-jaw teeth; VT, vomerine tooth. Arrows indicate interorbital (left) and mid-temporal (right) pores.
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