Udaypur, Vidisha district, Madhya Pradesh. Donative inscription at the Udayeśvara temple dated VS 1222

Donative inscription at the Udayeśvara temple, Udaypur, Vidisha district, Madhya Pradesh, engraved in the eastern porch on a dwarf pillar flanking the entrance. Dated saṃvat 1222 vaiśākha śudi 3 sōmē (=Monday, 4th April, 1166 CE), it records the perpetual endowment of half the revenue of Sāṃgavaṭṭa village within the sixty-four villages of Bhṛṃgārī to the temple, by Ṭhakkura Śrī Cāhaḍa, a military general under the Caulukya king Kumārapāla. It ends with the imprecation that 'He...
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