Figure 2 in Tyrannosaurids (Dinosauria) of Asia and North America

K. Carpenter
Figure 2. Comparison of tyrannosaurid skulls: A-Tyrannosaurus rex AMNH 5027 (modified from Osborn, 1912); B-Tyrannosaurus bataar holotype PIN 551-1, with missing areas restored after PIN 551-3 and GI SPS 100/59 (from photographs,Maleev, 1974 and Barsbold,1983);C-Maleevosaurus novojilovi holotype PIN 552-2 (modified from Maleev, 1974);D-Albertosaurus sarcophagus AMNH 5222, with lower jaws based on NMC 5600 and NMC 5601 (modified from photographs and Lambe, 1904);E-Albertosaurus libratus(modified from Russell, 1970); F-? Albertosaurus lancensis holotype CMNH 7541, composite of the...
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